The United States Forest Service uses the SnoCobra system to maintain outposts, perform research, maintain trails and, most importantly, protect our natural resources. By attaching skis on the front end and tracks on the rear, they can legally operate their fleet of Polaris Rangers on snowmobile trails, reducing travel time and increasing efficiency. Whether their duties are on the trail or off, they can still get to where they need to be. Because of SnoCobra, they can haul more of the gear they need to get the job done.

The City of Chicago needs to be able to maintain mobility in a massive snowstorm. If all other traffic becomes halted, they need smaller machines that can maneuver through tight areas on widely varying terrain. By outfitting an ATV or side-by-side with the SnoCobra system, they can take advantage of an extremely versatile and customizable platform that can perform rescues and travel into areas where other machines cannot, all while maintaining the safety of those operating the machines and of those around them.