ATV and Snowmobile Rental businesses like Mad Mountain Adventures in the Black Hills of South Dakota instantly saw the benefits of the SnoCobra Ski System. By providing both snowmobiles and side by sides for customers to rent in the winter time they are able to reach a much wider demographic than solely renting snowmobiles. Families now have a safe and comfortable option for bringing along their children, or possibly a spouse that would rather ride, than drive. The SnoCobra Ski System also attracts the older demographic that appreciates beautiful scenery, rather than speed. Riding a side by side in the wintertime is a completely different feel that that of a snowmobile. Not only are you safely buckled in, you are also nicely tucked in behind a full-sized windshield to keep you warm. Grab the family, buckle up, put your coffee in the cup holder and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you.

Many rental businesses have both a summer and winter fleet to keep a steady flow of income. SnoCobra allows these organizations to downsize the fleet, decrease overhead and increase the bottom line. Now one machine can allow your business to be operated year-round, without the cost of a seasonal fleet.