Do you own a resort? Having trouble getting your clients out on the ice safely? John Erickstad from Lakeview Lodge in Devils Lake, ND solved that age-old problem with SnoCobra. He installed the SnoCobra system on his Polaris Ranger. Now he’s able to get his clients out on the ice faster and more efficiently, in the warmth of a heated cab.

Mitch Miller, Owner of Sunset Lodge on Lake of the Woods, sees the same benefits as John. Not only does he use his machines to get clients to and from the lake safely and comfortably, his employees use them for maintenance, supply runs, and everything in-between.

Guide Services

Has your Guide Service ever had trouble getting clients on the bite because of the conditions on the lake? Whether you use pickups, snowmobiles, or wheeled ATV’s and Side-by-Sides, they all have their limits. Nothing works better than Side-by-Sides with the SnoCobra System to get your clients wherever they need to be to catch fish. Keep them warm, comfortable, and catching fish; and chances are they’ll be back for years to come.